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Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake

We partnered with the community to update the Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake neighborhood plan.
A partnership with the Broadview, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake communities to update their neighborhood plan.

What & Why

In 2012 we partnered with the Broadview, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake communities to update their neighborhood plan. This past July, we released draft legislation and issued a State Environmental Policy Act determination for proposed rezones and Land Use Code amendments to implement the plan’s recommendations. We received no comments or appeals, and are proceeding with finalizing legislation for the Mayor and Council’s review. Our proposed legislation will help carry out key actions identified by the community in their neighborhood plan.

Our legislation is intended to:

  • Create a walkable dense, mixed-use neighborhood center along the newly reconstructed Linden Ave. N
  • Encourage future development that builds on recent multifamily and mixed-use development along Linden Ave. N
  • Support the neighborhood’s pedestrian and transit orientation around N 135th St and Aurora Ave. N
  • Strengthen Aurora Ave. N as a regional commercial center and source of jobs, while enhancing its fit with surrounding communities

Our Director’s Report contains analysis of the proposed rezones, provides an assessment of the proposal’s effect on estimated growth, and the ability of local infrastructure and services to support development. We have conducted an environmental analysis and made a determination of non-significance. We are recommending adoption of the entire package of rezone proposals. To review these documents, go to our Project Documents page.

Project Benefits

The neighborhood plan update identifies specific steps the City and community can take to create vibrant and healthy neighborhoods that include:

  • A lively village center along Linden Avenue N.
  • Strong community organizations in Broadview, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake
  • Balanced transportation network
  • Supportive and healthy environment

The End Result

An updated plan that reflects the community's values.

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