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Envisioning Interbay

New development on 15th Avenue corridor in Ballard.
Our collaborative Ballard to Interbay Land Use Corridor Study will develop a clear vision to guide future development in the Elliot Avenue / 15th Avenue corridor.

What's Happening Now?

City Council adopted the 2013-2014 Comprehensive Plan amendments in May 2014. The adopted amendments included one on Interbay that made a minor boundary adjustment to the BINMIC in the area of 16th Avenue W and Bertona Street. This amendment was part of our preliminary recommendations for Interbay. Council did not consider any other amendments for Interbay.

Later this year, Council will consider recommendations in our Duwamish Industrial Lands Study that could affect land use in Interbay. Council will consider whether to lower the total maximum for non-industrial uses on a site within manufacturing and industrial centers. Our study also recommended stronger criteria for removing land from manufacturing and industrial centers (MICs) and no longer allowing rezoning to industrial commercial zones in MICs. Council will consider these changes as part of Seattle 2035, our update to the Comprehensive Plan.

We continue to study and assess potential changes to the industrial buffer zone that could create incentives for developing production, distribution, and repair businesses. Our Ballard Urban Design project will also study some industrial land near the 15th Avenue NW corridor. 

Project Goals

We have initiated a land use study of the corridor along Elliott Avenue W and 15th Avenue NW in Interbay. Past development of the Elliott Avenue / 15th Avenue corridor has not followed a coherent plan. Recent retail, residential, and office developments are pushing up property values, which could potentially squeeze out industrial uses and jobs. Some property owners would like more flexibility to develop their property. Enhanced transit service is yet another reason to rethink the future of this area.

Our study, conducted with input of the community, will analyze existing conditions and explore options for future land use along this heavily traveled, multi-functional route. Our study will include proposed changes, if necessary, to the Seattle Comprehensive Plan or the land use code to support the vision. Goals for this project include:

  • Clarify the desired mix and balance of land uses, both industrial (manufacturing, warehousing, and services) and non-industrial (retail, housing, and office)
  • Assess how new transit investment might increase demand for new mixed-use (retail and residential buildings) development
  • Identify where streetscape improvements might be needed to support future development.

The End Result

A clear vision that will help guide future development in the Elliott Avenue / 15th Avenue Corridor.

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