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Public Disclosure

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What Is It?

In 1972, the State of Washington passed a Public Records Act. The Public Records Act promotes transparency and an open government by making it easier to request and get copies of agency records. Each City of Seattle department has a Public Disclosure Officer who responds to public records requests for their respective units. The information below will help you make a records request from DPD. This list of all City of Seattle Public Records Officers will help you find records from other departments.

How Do I Make a DPD Public Disclosure Request?

To make a public records request, you can use our request form. You can also send a written request that includes your full name, phone number, address, email address, and date of your request. Describe the specific records you are requesting and provide a timeframe, if possible.

You can submit your request by:

You can also make your request in person at the Public Resource Center Microfilm Library on the 20th Floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower.

Cost of Public Records

You can review our records, with an appointment, at no cost. However, these costs do apply:

  • $0.15 per page for standard size, black and white copies
  • Actual cost of materials for other media and non-standard copies
  • Postage and shipping costs for any copies mailed to you

Many of our records are available online by searching our permit and property records. You can also get records from the Microfilm Library or Electronic Document Library at the PRC.

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