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City Planning

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City Planning develops and implements policies that help build a dynamic, sustainable Seattle – a place that is inviting for everyone, and where people and businesses can thrive. City Planning collaborates closely with communities, stakeholders, City Council, and other City departments on this important effort.

The City Planning Director leads our policy work in four categories:

  • Community Development – we help implement neighborhood plans, special initiatives and other major projects, such as the Center City Plan and the updated neighborhood plans in the Rainier Valley
  • Area Planning – we develop plans and policies in specific geographic areas within the city, such as the University District Urban Design Framework and Northgate Station Planning
  • Land Use Policy – we modify the Land Use Code to reduce red tape and address emerging issues, such as backyard cottages, food trucks, or having chickens, and translate new policy directions into legal regulations
  • Comprehensive Planning – we amend and update long-range policies to set broad direction for how the City will grow, in collaboration with local government including King County, Puget Sound Regional Council, and the state of Washington

The City Planning Director also oversees two commissions.

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