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Lighthouse in Discovery Park

Photo by Pedalhead'71

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City of Seattle Staff Directory

Directory Section Listings

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Name Phone Fax E-mail Title
Gilliam, Beverly 206-684-8692    Click here to e-mail Lead Janitor 
Aparicio, Marcela G. 206-386-0081  206-684-0202   N/A  Janitor 
Daramy, Yayah 206-386-0081  206-684-0202   N/A  Janitor 
Entzion, Robert W 206-684-8692     N/A  Janitor 
Lambert, Edward C 206-684-5492    Click here to e-mail Janitor 
Zuniga, Manuel R. 206-684-8692  206-386-9030   N/A  Janitor 
Ward, Albert 206-684-8692  206-386-9030   N/A  Office/Maintenance Aide 
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