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City of Seattle Staff Directory

City Light

Seattle Municipal Tower
700 Fifth Avenue - Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98104
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City Light Departmental Listings

Superintendents Office

Chief of Staff

Government & Leg Affairs Division Directors Office

Comm & Public Affairs Division Directors Office

Internal Relations Unit

Promotion & Marketing Unit

Media Relations Unit

Public Information & Education Unit

Legal Affairs Coordinator

Customer Service & Energy Delivery Office

Customer Care Division Directors Office

Account Executives Unit

Hearing Officer

Large Project Management Unit

Office Services Unit

Customer Accounts Units

Credit Unit

Meter Reading Unit

Energy Delivery Operations Directors Office

Energy Delivery Field Operations Unit

Field Operations North Unit

Field Operations South Unit

Field Operations Network Unit

Field Operations Civil Unit

Energy Delivery Business Planning Unit

Line Crew Timekeeping Unit

Energy Delivery Support Services Unit

Warehouse South Unit

Warehouse North Unit

Tool Room North & South

Energy Delivery Substations & Switching Oper Unit

North Power Substations Unit

South Power Substations Unit

Field System Operations Unit

Energy Delivery Technical Services Unit

Communications Unit

Relay Unit

Technical Metering Unit

South Customer Engineering Unit

North Customer Engineering Unit

Energy Delivery Engineering Directors Office

Power Substations Engineering Unit

Protection, Meter & Communication Relay Unit

South Distribution Design Engineering Unit

North Distribution Design Engineering Unit

Network Design Engineering Unit

Mapping/GIS Unit

Transmission Engineering Unit

Street & Area Lighting Unit

Workload Planning Unit

Material & Engineering Standards Unit

Electrical Services Engineering Unit

Asset Management Division Directors Office

System Planning Unit

Asset Management Unit

Technology Assessment & Development Unit

Project Management Unit

System Operations Division Directors Office

NERC Compliance Coordinator

System Operations Unit

Control Area Operations Unit

Security & Emergency Preparedness Directors Office

Visitors Center Unit

Security Unit

Emergency Preparedness Unit

Financial Services Office

Finance Division Directors Office

Budget Unit

Financial Planning Unit

Accounting Division Directors Office

Accounts Payable Unit

Procurement & Contracting Unit Material Control

General Accounting Unit

Cost Accounting Unit

Risk Division Directors Office

Corporate Performance Division Directors Office

Corporate Performance HUB WMBE Coordinator

Information Technology Services Division Directors Office

Energy and Power Systems

Application Development Services Unit

IT Operations Unit

Power Supply and Environmental Affairs Office

Utility Support Services Division Directors Office


Fleet & Mobile Equipment Unit


Power Management Division Directors Office

Resource Operations Planning Unit

Wholesale Contracts Unit

Power Marketing Unit

Integrated Resources Planning & Forecasting Unit

Boundary Relicensing Unit

Conservation Resources Division Directors Office

Community Conservation Unit

Commercial & Industrial Unit

Division Support Services Unit

Lighting Design Lab Unit

Environmental Affairs & Real Estate Directors Office

Real Estate

Environmental Management & Compliance Unit

Natural Resources & Environmental Planning Unit

Science Policy Unit

Power Production Division Directors Office

Boundary Operations Unit

Lucky Peak Operations Unit

Program Management Unit

Dam Safety Unit

Cedar Falls Unit

Skagit Operations Unit

Skagit Maintenance Operations Unit

Generation Services Unit

Ross Powerhouse Unit

Diablo Powerhouse Unit

Gorge Powerhouse Unit

Power Production Electrical Engineering Unit

Power Production Civil/Mechanical Engineering Unit

Technical Resources Unit

Construction Management Unit

Human Resources Office

Talent Acquisition/ Development Unit/ Hiring/Training

Employee Relations Unit/ EEO/ADA/Leave Programs

Employee Services Payroll/Records/Benefits

Labor Relations & Veterans Affairs Unit

Safety Unit

Apprenticeship Unit

Quality Assurance

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