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Lighthouse in Discovery Park

Photo by Pedalhead'71

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City of Seattle Staff Directory

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Admin Building
100 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-5199
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Parks & Recreation Departmental Listings


Office of the Superintendent - 100 Dexter Ave N

Policy & Business Analysis


Human Resources - 100 Dexter Ave N


Magnuson Park Facility Mgmt

Center City Administration

Events Scheduling - 860 Terry Ave No

Golden Gardens Bathhouse


Budget & Administrative Services - 100 Dexter Ave N

Parks Fleet Services - 100 Dexter Ave N

Accounting & Financial Info Services - 800 Maynard Ave S

Computer Resources

IT Services

Contracts Admin & Support


Recreation Administration

Community Center Support

Community Center Administration

PKS- Central Parks Resource Support

Southwest Community Center-2801 SW Thistle St

Special Facilities/Program Administration

Golf Programs - 1600 S Dakota St

Interbay Golf Course - 2501 15th Ave W

Jackson Park Golf Course - 1000 NE 135th St

Jefferson Golf Course

West Seattle Golf Course

Aquatics Programs-4209 West Marginal Way SW

Aquatics Operation Administration

Ballard Pool - 1471 NW 67th St

Evans Pool - 7201 E Greenlake Dr

Medgar Evers Pool 200 23rd Ave E

Madison Pool - 13401 Meridian Ave N

Magnolia Pool

Meadowbrook Pool - 10515 35th Ave NE

Queen Anne Pool - 1920 1st Ave W

Rainer Beach Pool -8825 Rainier Ave S

Southwest Pool - 2801 SW Thistle St

Green Lake Small Crafts - 5900 W Greenlake Way N

Mount Baker Small Crafts - 3800 Lake Washington Blvd S

Summer Aquatics

Summer Beaches - 860 Terry Ave N

Summer Pools

Colman Pool

Mounger Pool - 2535 32nd Ave W

Business Service Center- 800 Maynard Ave S

Community Centers

Geo Team 1 Administration

Ballard Community Center - 6020 28th Ave NW

Bitter Lake Community Center - 13035 Linden Ave N

Green Lake Community Center - 7201 E Greenlake Dr N

Loyal Heights Community Center - 2101 NW 77th St

Magnolia Community Center - 2550 34th Ave W

Geo Team 2 Administration

Laurelhurst Community Center

Magnuson Community Center - 7110 62nd Ave NE

Meadowbrook Community Center - 10515 35th Ave NE

Northgate Community Center - 10510 5th Ave NE

Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center - 6535 Ravenna NE

Geo Team 3 Administration

Garfield Community Center - 2323 E Cherry St

Miller Community Center - 330 19th Ave E

Montlake Community Center - 1618 E Calhoun St

Queen Anne Community Center - 1901 1st Ave W

Yesler Community Center - 835 E Yesler Way

Geo Team 4 Administration

Alki Community Center - 5817 SW Stevens St

Delridge Community Center 4501 Delridge Wy SW

Hiawatha Community Center-2700 California Ave SW

High Point Community Center - 6920 34th Ave SW

South Park Community Center 8319 8th Ave S

Geo Team 5 Administration

International District Community Center - 719 8th Ave S

Jefferson Community Center - 3801 Beacon Ave S

Rainier Community Center - 4600 38th S

Rainier Beach Community Center- 8825 Rainier Ave S

Van Asselt Community Center-2820 S Myrtle St

Recreation Support

Rec Support Program-Matrix-Admin

Teen Programming - 8061 Densmore Ave N

Youth Art & Teen Development

Garfield Teen Life Center - 2101 S Jackson St

Late Night Program

North Teen Life Center - 10750 30th Ave NE

Southwest Teen Center - 2801 SW Thistle St

Youth Violence PVNT

Lifelong Recreation/Special Programs

Lifelong Recreation

Special Populations

Lifelong Recreation-Special Programs Grants

Citywide Athletics

Parks Athletics

Recreation, Arts & Athletics Administration

Amy Yee Tennis Center - 2000 MLK Way S

Out-of-School Time Programs

OST Grants

Youth Programming

Outdoor Parks Programs


Facilities Maintenance Admin - 4209 West Marginal Way SW

Maintenance Requests/Application - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Center City Security Services

Maintenance Services - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Carpentry Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Concrete / Playground Crew - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Drainage and Wastewater

Electrical Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Equipment Repair Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

HVAC Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Metal Fabrication Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Paint Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Plumbing Shop - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Warehouse / Event Equipmen t- 4209 W Marginal Way SW

Ballfield Coordination - 4209 West Marginal Way SW

Volunteer Coordination - 4209 West Marginal Way SW

Central East Park District - 8601 Densmore Ave N

South Central Park District - 4420 S Genesee

Southeast Park District - 4420 S Genesee

Southwest Park District - 7367 47th Ave SW

Central West Park District - 1403 W Howe

Downtown Park District

Discovery Park Maintenance

Magnuson Park Facility Maintenance

North Central Park District- 8061 Densmore Ave N

Northeast Park District - 5801 20th Ave NE

Northwest Park District - 8061 Densmore N

Natural Resource Management


Construction & Turf Unit - 1600 S Dakota St

Horticulture Capital Projects Support - 1600 S Dakota St

Horticulture & Landscape - 1600 S Dakota St

Japanese Gardens Maintenance

Kubota Gardens

Natural Area Crew

Urban Forestry Unit

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Environmental Programs

Camp Long - 5200 35th SW

Carkeek Park - 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd

Discovery Park - 3801 W Government Way

Japanese Garden Programs - 1119 Lake Washington Blvd E

Outdoor Opportunity

Environmental Stewardship


Engineering, Design & Technical Services

Engineering, Design & Technical Services

Survey & Mapping

Project Development

Capital Project Development

Major Maintenance Management

Property Management & Acquistion Services

Parks Real Estate Management

Pro Parks Acquisition

Seattle Conservation Corps

SCC Work Crews - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

SCC Social Services - 4209 W Marginal Way SW

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