1101 8th Ave Alley Vacation

Review Status

On July 6, 2017, we reviewed the public benefit package for the 1101 8th Ave Alley Vacation proposal. At this meeting we voted to approve the public benefit package with one condition and several recommendations.

Project Description

Lennar Multifamily Communities is proposing to vacate an alley in the block bounded by 8th Ave, Seneca St, Hubbell Pl, and Spring St. The vacation proposal includes the development of two high rise residential towers with ground level retail, restaurant, office, and residential space. The proposed alley vacation would allow for the combination of loading, storage, service facilities, and parking below grade. Specific elements of the project proposal include:

  • Two high rise buildings, 300 ft. in height, along Spring St
  • 42 ft. wide pedestrian passage with one-way circulation
  • Publicly accessible open space, terraces, plazas, and seating areas
  • Approximately 387 stalls of below grade parking
  • Drop off and pick up zones along Spring St; and
  • Connections to adjacent Freeway Park and Town Hall property

The property is located within a study area as identified in the First Hill Public Realm Action Plan.