Waterfront – Main Corridor

Review Status

On October 16, 2014, we aproved the schematic design for the Main Corridor design South of Union St.  In September 2014 we approved the schematic design for the the Main Corridor North of Union St. We anticipate another review at the design development phase.

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has developed initial concepts for the Alaskan Way street designs between King and Bell Streets. SDOT’s concept designs are in preparation for the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct in 2016. SDOT’s proposal has six distinct sections:

  • S King St. to S Main St.
  • S Main St. to Yesler St.
  • Yesler Way to Spring St.
  • Spring St to Union St.
  • University St to Pine St.
  • Pine St where Alaskan Way becomes Elliott Ave. From this intersection, the improvements continue north from Pine St to Bell St.

Under SDOT’s proposal, Alaskan Way would include four lanes in each direction from S King St to Yesler Way and narrow to two lanes in each direction north of Yesler Way. The intersection of Yesler Way and Alaskan Way would include additional turn lanes for traffic heading to Colman Dock, serving the Washington State Ferries. North of University St, both Alaskan Way and Elliott Ave would include two general purpose lanes in each direction. Turn lanes would widen the Pine St intersection as the right-of-way changes from Alaskan Way to Elliott Ave heading north to Belltown.

Each segment will include continuous sidewalks, a cycle track, a planted median, and planted buffers between the road and the sidewalk. Loading zones would be located on Alaskan Way north of Yesler Way and between Union St and Pine St.

During the concept and schematic design phases, the project was divided into two segments - Corridor North of Union St. and Corridor South of Union St, which is reflected in the presentations and meeting minutes.  The project will be reviewed as one area during the design development phase.