Waterfront – Central Public Space

Review Status

On July 21, 2016, we reviewed the design development proposal for the reconstruction of pier 62. At this meeting we approved the proposal with several recommendations. We will review the Aquarium Plaza and Union St. Pier at a later date.

Project Description

The City of Seattle, through its Office of the Waterfront, is proposing a new Central Public Open Space area along the central waterfront. This 8.8-acre space will be located between the existing Waterfront Park at the foot of Union St and Pier 62/63 to the north. The Central Public Open Space is the largest contiguous open space proposed in the waterfront redevelopment and consists of three elements:

  • A reconstructed Pier 62/63
  • Aquarium Plaza
  • Union St Pier

Pier 62/63 will include two primary components. The pier area will include seating, kiosks, and a large flexible space to accommodate outdoor movies, concerts, or recreation activities. A separate floating pool barge (21,000 square feet) and dock would be attached by gangway to the pier and used for “water’s edge” activities like swimming and boating.

The nearly two-acre Aquarium Plaza, adjacent to and just south of Pier 62/63, will be centered in front of the Seattle Aquarium. The space will be designed with children in mind and includes a prominent interactive play structure and movable tables and chairs. How the space is used will be integrated with the tenant spaces under the staircase of the proposed Overlook Walk project.

Union St Pier, located south of the Aquarium, is part of the existing one-acre Waterfront Park. Union St Pier will feature interactive water features that allow for a variety of users and can accommodate specific events.

July 21, 2016

March 6, 2014