Taylor Creek Culvert Replacement Project

Review Status

On September 21, 2017, we reviewed the concept design phase for the Taylor Creek Culvert Replacment project. At this meeting we approved the concept design with several recommendations. We will review the project again at a future date.

Project Description

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has acquired several properties near the lower portions of Taylor Creek, between Lakeridge Park and Lake Washington.  The purpose of the project is to restore creek habitat and to reduce soil erosion within portions of the Taylor Creek watershed near Lake Washington.  The project proposal includes providing a sediment retention facility, accessible nature area, and corridor safety improvements along Rainier Ave S as well as replacing the existing culvert located beneath Rainier Ave S.  SPU is partnering with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to address corridor improvements and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) for the long-term ownership and maintenance of the nature area.

September 21, 2017