Seattle City Light - Diagonal Ave S Street Vacation

Review Status

On October 3, 2019, we reviewed the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) pre-design phase and the pre-petition vacation for the Diagonal Ave S Street Vacation.  At this meeting we voted, 8-0, to approve the CIP pre-design phase with several recommendations.  We did not take an action on the pre-petition review for the proposed vacation, but did provide recommendations to be addressed prior to the next meeting.

Project Description

Seattle City Light (SCL) is petitioning to vacate a segment of Diagonal Ave S between 4th Ave S and the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks in the SODO neighborhood.  This segment is adjacent to SCL's South Service center and lies within SCL's fenced-in property and is currently used for storage under a previously approved street use permit.  The project team is proposing to use the vacated ROW to make improvements to the existing South Service Center.  The project proposal includes providing additional open space within the Georgetown neighborhood that will integrate with the Georgetown to South Park Trail. 

October 3, 2019