North Rainier Park Development

Review Status

On September 21, 2017, we reviewed the concept design phase for the North Rainier Park Development. At this meeting we approved the concept design with several recommendations. We will review the project again at a future date.

Project Description

The project is one of 14 landbanked sites acquired by Seattle Parks and Recreation to provide addition open space in neighborhoods throughout the city.  The project site is located along S. Charlestown St. and 35th Ave S.  The project site is located near a commercial corridor, several multi-family developments, and single-family homes. The original plan included development on one parcel located at the corner of S. Charlestown St. and 35th Ave S.  An updated plan includes the purchase of 4 additional parcels to the north of the original parcel. Proposed park amenities include an open lawn, gathering space, active play area, adult exercise equipment, and street improvements.

September 21, 2017