2017 - Past Participating Candidates

As of December 1, the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission (SEEC) will no longer process Democracy Vouchers for the 2017 election.

If you did not use your Democracy Vouchers for 2017, you may recycle them. The SEEC will issue new Democracy Vouchers to Seattle residents for the 2019 election.

This page only shows candidates who participated in the 2017 Democracy Voucher Program. For the full list of candidates who ran in the 2017 City of Seattle elections, visit the 2017 campaigns page.

2017 General Election

Jon Grant

Teresa Mosqueda

Lorena González

Pat Murakami

Pete Holmes

2017 Primary

Rudy J. Pantoja Jr.

Sheley Secrest

Hisam Goueli

Mac S. McGregor

Ty Pethe

Pauly Giuglianotti

Ian Affleck-Asch

Eric Smiley

Withdrawn Campaigns

Ryan Asbert

Jennifer Huff

Roger Kluck

James Passey