Campaign Limits & Laws

What are the spending limits for candidates participating in the program?

Candidates participating in the Democracy Voucher Program must honor the following spending limits for each office. These limits include contributions from Democracy Vouchers and monetary contributions.

A candidate may be released from the spending limit by appealing to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission. If released, the candidate will only receive Democracy Voucher dollars up to the spending limit but will then be able to collect monetary donations beyond that.

Spending Limits for Participating CandidatesCity AttorneyCity Council
City Council
Campaign Spending Limits (Primary Election Only) $75,000 $150,000 $75,000 $400,000
Combined Campaign Spending Limits for Primary and General Election $150,000 $300,000 $150,000 $800,000

What are the new contribution limits?

Candidates in the program are subject to contribution limits of $250 from individual donors when running for City Attorney or City Council.

Democracy Vouchers are not included in the $250 contribution limit.

Candidates not participating in the Democracy Voucher Program have a contribution limit of $500 from individual donors.

How many qualifying signatures and contributions are needed to qualify as a candidate in the program?

Candidate PositionNumber of Qualified Signatures with Minimum $10 Contribution
City Council At-Large 400 qualified signatures and contributions
City Council District

150 qualified signatures and contributions (75 of those signatures and contributions must come from within the district)

City Attorney 150 qualified signatures and contributions
Mayor (2021 election) 600 qualified signatures and contributions