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Tenant Improvement Permit (Blanket)

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What Is It?

A blanket permit is an expedited construction permit for certain office tenant improvement projects. Once you set up your blanket permit, the application, review, and issuance process for future work is streamlined. Blanket permits are intended for building owners or operators who will need multiple permits over time for work in large (50,000 square feet minimum) office buildings.

Office tenant improvement projects may also qualify for a subject-to-field-inspection permit.

You may also need a business license if you are working in Seattle, even if your office is outside the city.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you set up your blanket permit, you will need to deposit money into an escrow account for payment of future blanket permit fees. Fees are based on either the square footage or value of your project, but are typically less than standard construction permit fees.

How Long Does It Take?

Setting up your blanket permit will take about a week once you submit the necessary information. We try to review each subsequent submittal related to the blanket permit in about 2 weeks.

Steps To Get Your Permit


1. Research

Get property information. Find information about your property to help you plan your project.

Find incentives for your project. Research the City's different incentives that might apply to your project.

Attend a coaching session. We offer 20 minutes of free coaching to answer construction permit questions.

2. Set Up a Blanket Permit

Contact us. Call or email a resource and production co-manager to confirm that your project will qualify for a blanket permit and to obtain a project number.

Set up a notebook for your project. The notebook should be an 8-1/2 x 11 inches three-ring binder with the following items included:

  • Legal description of the property
  • A set of drawings showing standard construction details used throughout the building
  • A floor plan for each typical floor level
  • Two copies of the blanket permit record
  • Documentation showing the existing building use (such as a copy of the approved master use permit or shell and core permit)

Submit your notebook. Drop off the completed notebook at the reception desk on the 21st floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower.

Pay fees. Once your notebook has been reviewed and an application created, you will be asked to pay a setup fee and deposit money into an escrow account for payment of future blanket permit fees. We will keep and maintain your blanket permit notebook.

3. Submit Subsequent Applications

Prepare your plans. Plans should be to scale, easy to read and microfilm, and should show the proposed construction work. A typical set of plans will include a coversheet, location plan, key plan, floor plan, construction details (including relevant details from your blanket permit notebook), and architectural notes.

Submit your plans. Submit your documents at Plans Routing on the 20th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower. You do not need an appointment. Include the following with your submittal:

  • A letter authorizing use of the permit signed by the blanket permit contact (if the applicant is not the blanket permit contact)
  • Two sets of plans on (minimum) 18 x 18 inches paper
  • Two copies of 8-1/2 x 11 inches key floor plan showing where the work will be done, and including building name, property address, floor number, floor area, tenant name, value of work, square footage of area to be worked on, submittal date, and blanket permit number
  • Two copies of an updated blanket permit record

Make corrections and resubmit your plans. Your project reviewer will send you a corrections letter if changes are needed.

4. Get Permits

Pay fees. The required fee will be subtracted from your blanket permit escrow account. If the fee exceeds the balance of the account, you will need to submit an additional amount to cover the difference, plus enough to cover future work under the permit.

Pick up your permit. You will be contacted when your plans are approved. You can pick up your permit and approved plans at the permit issuance counter in the Applicant Services Center.

Display your permit. Place your permit in a visible location on the project site.

Get related permits. You may need to get additional permits or approvals from other departments.

5. Schedule Inspections

Request an inspection. See the construction inspections page for when to call us and how to schedule your inspection.

6. Complete Project

Close your permit. Your permit information will be archived in our electronic document management system.

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