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2013 Judicial Assignments

1001 and 1002   Master and MHC- Judge Kimi Kondo

  • The Master Calendar will remain in 1002.
  • The MHC will be moved to 1001.
  • 1001's DV cases (H-Z) will be moved to 1103.

1103: Full time DV court- Judge Ed McKenna

  • All of 1103's non-DV cases will be moved to 1101.
  • All of 1001's DV cases (H-Z) will be moved to 1103.
  • 1103 will do all of the Readiness and Master hearings for DV cases, regardless of the alpha splits.

General Trial Courts

902: Judge Steve Rosen
1101: Judge Willie Gregory
1102: Judge Fred Bonner

Calendar structures for the general trial courts remain the same:

  • Mondays pretrials
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (morning) trials
  • Thursday afternoons motions
  • Friday mornings will be used for a mixture of hearing types

KCJ2 &1003: Jail and CC/VTC- Judge Karen Donohue

  • 1003 will be closed during the mornings.
  • 1003's Friday morning cases will be moved to 902.
  • Monday afternoons in 1003 will be for pretrial hearings.
  • VTC will remain on Tuesday afternoons.
  • CC will be reduced to two afternoons: Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Wednesday afternoon will be used for testimonial motions

903: .5 DV and .5 general- Judge Judith Hightower

  • All of 1003's DV cases (A-G) will be moved to 903.
  • 903's Monday pretrial calendar will be split between DV and non-DV, non-DV in the morning and DV in the afternoon.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be for trials
  • Thursday mornings will be used for testimonial motions.
  • Thursday afternoons will be used for DV Reviews.
  • Friday mornings will be used for a mixture of hearing types.

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