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Court Magistrate Hearings

Magistrate in Office

Reschedule A Magistrate Hearing

If you are unable to attend a magistrate hearing appointment, you may:

  • Reschedule your hearing by calling (206) 684-5600 at least 7 days in advance, or
  • Reschedule your hearing by making a request in writing at least 7 days in advance
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Missed Hearing Dates

If you have missed a magistrate hearing that you had requested, you must either:

  • Pay the original amount of the citation plus the default penalty, or
  • You may request a "good cause" hearing. If you missed your original court date as a result of a "good cause", you may request a new hearing date within 45 days of your missed hearing. You may request a "good cause" hearing by calling (206) 684-5600, submitting a written request, or visiting the Court in person. (At your new hearing, be prepared to explain to the magistrate why you missed your original hearing.)
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