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Resources for Residents Who Want to Raise Chickens in Seattle

Seattle Tilth

raising chickens in the city

City Chickens 101 - A comprehensive introductory course for those interested in keeping chickens in the city and who want to start with adult birds.
Additional resources

Seattle Urban Farm Co.

Ever dream of collecting eggs for breakfast from your own chickens? Many people don’t believe it possible to have this experience in the city, but laying hens' small space requirements and pleasant dispositions make them a wonderful addition to any backyard. Managing your own chickens in the city is an extremely rewarding experience. You’ll have a source of fresh, nutritious eggs right out your back door; and the satisfaction of knowing that your hens are fed a healthy, well-balanced diet and have plenty of space to roam and eat bugs, weeds, and grass. Chickens make a great pair with a garden, as they love to eat your vegetable scraps and leftover greens. Chicken care is a fun and educational experience for children, and will give them a connection to their food that they’ll never forget.

Chickens don’t require much space for a happy and healthy life. The more space you provide for them, the better; but 3 laying hens can live comfortably (with plenty of room for scratching, exploring, and roosting) in a 3 by 10 foot space. Many people are concerned that a chicken coop will have a strong odor, but a properly managed coop has almost no smell other than that of fresh straw.

If you’re interested in having a chicken coop in your yard, we offer services ranging from planning and design to installations to monthly maintenance. We’re happy to help you learn how to manage and care for your hens, and can provide you with local sources for organic feed and bedding.

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