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The Office of Professional Accountability Review Board (OPARB) is a seven-member board established pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code 3.28.900 and 3.28.905.

OPARB hereby adopts the following Bylaws to govern its conduct of the business

I. Board Meetings

A. Regular Meetings

The Board shall conduct two regular meetings per month. The Chair may cancel a meeting if the Chair determines there is not sufficient business to justify a meeting. The Chair shall establish the day, time, and place of the recurring regular meetings after consulting with the Board. If possible, one regular meeting should be centered on the noon hour and one regular meeting should be in the evening. All meetings will be conducted consistent with the Open Public Meetings Act. The Board will publish advance notice of the regular monthly meetings by incorporating the day, time, and place of the meetings into the Board's meeting agenda and posting the agendas on the Board's website. Agendas and accompanying materials will be circulated before the regular monthly meeting to Board members and to all persons who have requested them. The Board will allow a reasonable time for public comment at all regular meetings. Members of the public will sign in on a roster listing name and address and other contact information at the person's discretion. Members of the public will be given 3 minutes to comment on any issue, concern or topic related to police accountability until the time allotted for public comment is exhausted. The 3-minute limitation and the allotted time for public comment may be extended at the discretion of the Chair.

B. Special Meetings

The Chair or a majority of the Board may call special meetings of the Board by sending written notice to each Board member and to persons who have requested notification of special meetings. To the extent practicable, written notice of special meetings should be posted and sent to interested persons at least forty-eight hours before the time and date of the meetings. Such notice will conform with RCW 42.30.080.

C. Telephonic Meetings and Attendance

The Board may hold meetings in which, for part or all of the meeting, any or all members are present and voting by telephone conference call. Board members may be present and may vote by telephone conference call for the conduct of all business. A telephonic meeting or attendance shall be deemed to take place in the meeting place designated on the agenda if at least one member of OPARB staff is present at the meeting place and there is a telephone device on which can be heard the voices of all Board members on the telephone line by everyone present in the meeting room and by all other Board members on the telephone line. Each Board member who is on the telephone line shall identify himself or herself before speaking, and shall notify the others if he or she is about to disconnect from the call. A Board member who is connected remotely to the telephone line in the meeting place shall be considered to be actually present at that meeting for the period of time he or she is so connected, and that presence shall count toward a quorum of the Board for all purposes.

D. Quorum and Voting

Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The Board may not act without a quorum. All Board actions shall require the approval of a majority of those present.

E. Minutes

The Board shall prepare and adopt minutes of every meeting. The minutes shall contain, at a minimum, the names of all persons present at the meeting; the names of absent Board members and whether their absence was excused or unexcused; and a description of all actions taken by the Board. The minutes will be posted on the Board's website after they have been approved by the Board.

II. Board Operations

A. Chair and Vice Chair

The Board shall select one member to serve as Chair and another member to serve as Vice Chair for the Board. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be selected at the Board's first meeting each September and shall serve until the next election. If the Chair is absent from a meeting, the Vice Chair shall conduct that meeting. In the event of an anticipated long-term absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall assume the responsibilities of the Chair. The Board may select an acting Vice Chair from among its voting members for up to a twelve-month period.

B. Conflict of Interest

Individual OPARB members will recuse themselves from all those cases, closed or open, where a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest exists according to the city definition and policy concerning conflicts of interest.

C. Board Member Removal and Replacement

If a member of the Board has three consecutive unexcused absences from or has missed 50% of the regularly scheduled Board meetings within a twelve-month period, the Board shall report such fact to the City Council with the request that removal proceedings be initiated. An absence will be considered excused if the Chair determines the absence to be excused. The status of a member's absence will be recorded in the OPARB meeting minutes. Members should notify the Chair of the member's absence before the meeting.

D. Compliance With Laws

The Board shall act in compliance with all applicable laws, including but not limited to the Open Public Meetings Act, public disclosure laws, and the Seattle Code of Ethics.

E. Travel Policies

All travel shall be in accordance with current City of Seattle policies.

ADOPTED BY THE BOARD THIS 4th day of February, 2009.

S/ Pat Sainsbury________

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