Shutdown Assistance

Are You Impacted by the Federal Government Shutdown?

Your City government has options to provide assistance for your family. Whether you are a federal worker, or receive federal benefits, my office has been working with departments to identify existing programs, and propose ideas to support stability for those impacted by inaction by the administration. We've created this page as a resource for residents across our City, and served by City Light and Seattle Public Utilities.

- Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

Shutdown assistance from Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda and the City of Seattle

City Light and Public Utilities Payment Deferrals

If you are not receiving typical income as a result of the shutdown, you may qualify for a deferral payment program being developed by Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities. For more information, contact the joint customer service center at 206-684-3000, and reference the Mayor’s Executive Order offering support.

Childcare Assistance

For many workers, inability to hold a spot in a childcare facility could mean losing that option permanently. We have requested the Department of Education and Early Learning create options within the City's childcare assistance program, and they have requested households who need support reach out at (206) 386-1050 or send an email to 

Rental Assistance

Seattle currently has an emergency rental assistance program for low income households. We have begun working with the Office of Housing, and requested an emergency assistance program with a repayment plan for workers who might not otherwise qualify. Once we have more information, we will post here.

For households receiving federal rental support, Seattle Housing Authority has confirmed that they have funding to pay for February's rent. If you are facing difficulties, please contact one of the City's partners for additional emergency rental assistance.

For households using project-based vouchers that are directly contracted with HUD, and have not had their contracts renewed, HUD has advised private property owners that they may use capital reserves for rental payments. Our office is working to get more information about the properties impacted, and will continue efforts with city departments to work with these property owners to maintain stable housing for their residents. We’ll post more information once it is available.