Thank You for a Great First Year!

2018 Accomplishments

Collaborating with you, we’ve been able to advance these policy changes in 2018 and improve the lives of Seattlites for years to come. We look forward to working with you in 2019!

- Team Teresa

Moratorium on Rent Bidding

Prevented eBay-like escalation on rental units

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Banned Sub-Minimum Wages

Passed a law ending the practice of underpaying people with disabilities

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Green Jobs & Buildings

Protected workers’ rights & the environment as buildings are updated

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Frontloaded Affordable Housing Funds

More investment for homes, and sooner, from the Convention Center project

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Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

First city to pass wage & safety protections for nannies, house cleaners & caretakers

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Creating Safe SCL Workplaces

Insisted on workplace safety & culture changes in SCL strategic plan

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Flexibility for Affordable Housing

Can now buy and hold land to create affordable housing while organizing building funds

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“ALEGRA” Bike Network!

Promoted all ages, languages, ethnicities, genders, race & abilities for the network

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Protected Your Privacy

Kept your info private with the rollout of City Light’s new smart meters

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Prioritized Surplus Land for Housing

Mandated public land be used for the public good / housing

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Created City Ombud Office

Worked with unions & Silence Breakers to create an independent office to address harassment

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City Light CEO Confirmation

Ran the committee to vet a new CEO with enviros, industry and workers

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Budget Wins

In addition, we championed key investments in this year’s budget to advance investments in childcare, health services, shelter workers, restorative justice, and more equitable investments in housing and food services across Seattle in the year ahead, such as:

Supporting a Strong Economy

  • Investing in capital to launch a childcare facility in a city-owned downtown building.
  • Providing a 2 percent inflationary increase for shelter-workers working for provider agencies who help support our homeless populations get counseling, find housing and access the services and supports they need.

Building Healthy Communities

  • Preparing for and preventing communicable disease outbreaks by investing in partnerships with regional partners.
  • Funding for an air and noise pollution study for Beacon Hill to support residents impacted by SeaTac flight plan changes.
  • Saving money by redirecting funds from jail services to restorative justice reform efforts.
  • Examining immediate revenue through bonds to build equitable development projects that include housing now, rather than waiting for costs to increase

A City That Works for All

  • Ensuring the City has a full, fair and accurate 2020 Census count by adding an FTE to prepare for community, business and governmental coordination to promote federal investments in the City and representation at the national level.
  • Committed to analyzing racial equity and identifying more equitable growth strategies of our development plans prior to the Comprehensive Plan design in the New Year.
  • Examining the use of consultant contracts, working to identify cost-savings to re-invest in communities across Seattle.

Safe Streets for Our City

  • Funded a Home Zone Pilot Project, bringing immediate safe street infrastructure to neighborhoods without sidewalks
  • Directed SDOT to identify funding gaps - and ways to fill them - for the Thomas Street Greenway in advance of Key Arena’s renovations being completed