About Mike O'Brien

Council District: 6
In Office Since: 2010
Current Term: 2016-2019

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Mike has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Puget Sound region and a deep respect for the progressive values and spirit of independence of the people who live in Seattle and make it such a great city.

In his seven years on city council, Mike has been a champion for environmental and social justice causes including work to: ban plastic bags, create a public financing system for local elections, give Uber drivers the right to collective bargain, create stable living options for people living in vehicles and without shelter, find alternatives to incarcerating our kids, and prevent Shell Oil from establishing their Arctic drilling fleet in Seattle.

Mike earned an economics degree from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Washington and then served for 10 years as the chief financial officer at the local law firm of Stokes Lawrence. Mike originally got involved in local politics through the Sierra Club, where he has been a volunteer for 15 years and is currently serving on the Board of Directors. Mike lives with his wife and two sons in Fremont.