Building Lasting, Independent Police Reform

From Councilmember Lorena González:

"The shared goal by community, the City, DOJ, and the Federal Monitor is to ensure constitutional policing in Seattle. The legislative process we're embarking on will build the necessary independent institutions to meet this end. I look forward to bringing this effort back into the public sphere by hosting seven opportunities for public input, including two evening community-focused meetings. I will continue to investigate best practices for police reform generally and an Inspector General Office in Seattle by traveling to Los Angeles and New Orleans for conversations with people in the accountability system and community members who have advocated for reform."

Click on the images below to view a high resolution version of the infographic on police reform:

Police Reform Infographic from Councilmember M. Lorena González Police Reform Infographic from Councilmember M. Lorena González

Click on the miages below to view a graphic explaining the reporting requirements and meetings spelled out in the legislation:

Images/Council/Members/Gonzalez/Police-Reform-Infographic_back.jpg Images/Council/Members/Gonzalez/Police-Reform-Infographic_back.jpg