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"Words' Worth" Poetry Readings

Poets at the Culture, Arts, and Parks Committee of the Seattle City Council.

Breakfast Surprise by Diana Brement

We had our breakfast on the beach-
early morning waves slip-slapping
sounds of baby nursing
dog lapping-
startled mountains blushed
scarlet pink surprise.
Blackberries, sourish and sweet,
only a very few in reach.
We separated fruit from seed
with tongues that swept instinctively
and teeth that knew
to bite exploringly.

We paced a thorny buffet line,
dodged sea jelly dinner plates
clear or red, waiting for
a rescue tide.
There is always
one big seed inside
to spit
into the bushes.

Ebey's Landing by Diana Brement

This summer rain is a waste.
The earth has lost
its birth-soft sponginess of spring,
has sucked down,
locked up,
drawn tight
its hard shell.

This summer rain is a waste.
For all its force it merely trickles
in rivulets down the felted grass.
No root, no plant gets the sippiest sip.

This summer rain is a waste.
The only thing it benefits
is the sea.

Evening News by Diana Brement

crows are laughing
like the sky.
Flocking black
on grey light
home to homing
like a bell calls.
Tall trees talking
up the ridge
cawing black
like lines typed,
end-of-day news
pinkly streaked, brushed light
and blue.
Crowns of thunder

Beach road walk by Diana Brement

Startled by my own reflection
in window glass across the street,
the marching crunch of walking feet,
houses sandwiched side by side,
water rushing, rippling tide, low or high,
and mud flat's sulphur stink.

Three herons take up their formation,
arranged by lengths, to fish along
the undulating water line
retreating fast across their feet.
Water trips them with moon dances-
hurry! to marry the deeper sea.

Sun and wind and water bounce
a beach ballet upon each pane.
Houses crowd against the water
pushing up along the beach,
jostling for their line position
and those shouldering across the street
are jealously advancing.

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