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"Words' Worth" Poetry Readings

Poets at the Culture, Arts, and Parks Committee of the Seattle City Council.

Ford Falcon and the El Camino by Catherine Wing

There once a car which flew winged chrysler finned for current, bird had
loft. It lived in the underbrush by an abandoned state route and barn at
20 degrees off center, which is to say, where it was.

This dart car, like saturn slung it's way through path and rover with three
trusties the antenna ball, windshield, and adjustable side mirror. Fire-bird went where no where with out them. So's, so's it's said. And fast was
friendship and fast was mercury-bird, like Achilles without that heel.

One day ball said, "Let's jump this dead wood"
And shield said, "for a ride, for a circle"
And mirror said, "Yup."

So rambler-bird reversed his road, this tree and went down a different
branch, right fork fast past teacup and spoon, licorice palace and
T at the tongue of the boot, making wind behind them and feeling it out
front. Friends with air finally, no other language but their own, cadillac
talk and pontiac chatter.

When on what butter road they stopped for something to see, seein
something, beans and sprout stand with a berry and bean girl selling
studebaker seedling, ranchero beans and pinto peas.

They saw it shack old seedling bean sprout girl selling and stopped in the
gremlin air.

Bird wanted sprouting
Ball wanted seeing
Mirror wanted beaning
Shield wanted nothing but said "Yup" nonetheless.

Sprout berry girl had hubcap eyes saw nothing but being seen said, "Well,
trusties, I have a tulip for a bloom. What say?"

But they said "No seeing"
"A curb against the wheel?"
They said "no berrying"
"An explorer of afternoon?"
But again no wanting sprouting sproutling.

And she, "Well maybe I don't have but nothing for you then, but maybe a
question for answer if you like," Blind bean berry sprout said.

And shield, bird, mirror, and ball convened to figure their question.
Said, "Does everyone die? or is it fall asleep? what of happily ever
after? is this the land far far away ? OR hidden in the dark woods?
spindle? briar? coal? knapsack? needle? and egg?"

Each one they turned over like rootballs in a garden but finally bird said,
"Ahhhhh, _ yes I know the perfect question!" And they whispered and all said "Ahhhhhhh" and then asked "Bean girl, _ will the highway come to our home?"

And the girl smiled an eye-light smile and said,
"Ahhh, yes, _ of course, _ yes."

This page was last updated: January 8, 2000
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