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Northwest Sector
N 128th St / Corliss Ave N, map

Respondent #5, 5/19/08

Markings are needed going W to E at stop sign line.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDoT) Response

This is a response to the following three intersections:

Under state law, every street intersection is a legal crosswalk unless signs are posted that prohibit pedestrians from crossing.  The three intersections that you submitted to Critical Crossings are all legal crosswalks. SDOT staff researched and visited all three of the locations you highlighted around Haller Lake.  From staff observations at each intersection, sight lines and visibility at each intersection were good.  Crossing at these locations was straightforward and approaching motorists were visible.

SDOT normally marks a crosswalk to indicate preferred crossing locations for pedestrians.  Unfortunately, marking a crosswalk does not always increase safety for pedestrians.  Children in particular sometimes have a false sense of security when using crosswalks.  It is an unavoidable fact that pedestrians must always be alert for inattentive drivers when crossing either a marked or unmarked intersection.  While SDOT is concerned about pedestrian safety for all, crosswalks used regularly by children merit special concern. We will therefore work with Northgate Elementary before school begins this fall to determine whether SDOT should install marked or preferred crossing location for students, and also to educate students as to safe crossing practices.  We will also refer your concern about these three locations to the Seattle Police Department as the police are vigilantly enforcing speeding restrictions in school zones.

Thank you again for your submittal.  The City of Seattle values your input as we strive to make our city the most walkable city in the nation.  Should you have any additional concerns, please contact the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Pedestrian & Bicycle Program.  They can be reached by phone at (206) 684-7583 or by email at

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