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2013 Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee Work Program

Council seeking candidates for the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board (Updated October 2013)

Reappointment of Judge Anne Levinson (Ret.) as Auditor, Office of Professional Accountability (Updated September 2013):

Statement of Legislative Intent (62-1-A-1) - Determining the appropriate size of the police force (Updated September 2013):

Community Technology Projects (Updated August 2013):

Appointment of Pierce Murphy as New Director of the Office of Professional Accountability (Updated June 2013):

Legislation to protect public's privacy from surveillance equipment (Updated March 2013):

PDF Download Work Program 2013 Public Safety

Appointment and Oath of Office of Erin Devoto as Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Information Technology

Honorary Street naming to recognize Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney (Updated May 2013):

Charter Amendment (Updated February 2013):

Bruce Lee Action Museum (Updated February 2013):

Automated Gunfire Locating Systems in Seattle

Description: Gunfire Locating Systems

This smart technology solution is called an Automated Gunfire Locating System and will help the police pinpoint the exact location of gunfire seconds after it occurs. The committee will examine a potential pilot project in specific neighborhoods in Seattle.

How will the Automated Gunfire Locating System work? When gunfire occurs outdoors, acoustic sensors will activate instantly and software will triangulate and identify the exact location of the gunfire. A gunfire and acoustic expert analyzes and validates the audio data and routes the alert to the police dispatch center. Within minutes, the police will receive critical information and arrive at the exact location of the gunfire knowing how many shots were fired, the original shooter's position, speed and direction of travel (if shooter moved) and exact time of gunfire.

The Great Student Initiative

Description: children

A City of Seattle effort to form new partnerships with information, communication and technology companies and financial institutions to provide low-cost, high-speed Internet access, computer, software and services for low-income students in the Seattle Public Schools, and create a steering committee to advance the goals of the Initiative.

New Camera and Video Technology to Improve Public Safety

Description: City Light

I am pushing Seattle to explore state-of-the art camera technology to assist the City's public safety efforts. On July 7th, I hosted a brown bag discussion in City Hall as part of a special Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee. Watch the discussion here.

A survey conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police indicated that 50% of complaints against the police are withdrawn when video evidence is available. A pilot program in the United Kingdom involving head mounted cameras on police has received incredibly positive results. In the city of Plymouth in southwest England, footage recorded by officers was extremely useful in public disorder cases. People who might normally dispute charges decided not to after watching police video of their conduct. A similar pilot project is underway in San Jose, California, where 18 officers are testing the technology. The meeting featured demonstrations of the latest technologies and the discussion examined costs and benefits. The use of this technology will help our officers and our community, who often gain video evidence through random recordings made by the public.

Breastfeeding Discrimination Legislation

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2012 Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee Work Program

Public Safety


Seattle Police Department

Body-Mounted Video Cameras: Review results of Police Department's test of the use of body-mounted video cameras by police officers, per Statement of Legislative Intent 23-1-A-1, and provide input to Mayor related to 2013-2014 Proposed Budget.

Neighborhood Policing Plan and Police Performance: Review the updated and refined Neighborhood Policing Plan requested in Statement of Legislative Intent 24-1-A-1, and provide input to Mayor related to 2013-2014 Proposed Budget. Per Resolution 30996, review annual Police Department performance report. Review Police Chief's quarterly updates on Council expectations. Coordinate with the Transportation Committee on SLI 114-2-A-2 regarding the Third Avenue Transit Corridor Initiative.

Police Accountability: Review reports and recommendations of the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), OPA Auditor and OPA Review Board (OPARB). Take action on (re)appointments for OPA Director, whose term expired in 2010, and for OPA Auditor and OPARB members, whose terms expire in 2012. Continue to support the efforts of these three agencies and the Police Department to maintain and increase public confidence that officers treat all citizens fairly and that any misconduct is handled appropriately under Police Department practices and protocols.

Police Staffing: Review quarterly updates on sworn staffing levels and the recruitment and hiring of officers. Review the distribution of years of service of officers and support contingency planning for increased retirements.

Response to US Department of Justice Letter: Respond to US Department of Justice Letter on Seattle Police Department Civil Rights Pattern or Practice Investigation

Victim Advocates: Monitor victim advocate program overall.


Seattle Fire Department

Body-Mounted Video Cameras: Review results of Police Department's test of the use of body-mounted video cameras by police officers, per Statement of Legislative Intent 23-1-A-1, and provide input to Mayor related to 2013-2014 Proposed Budget.

Fire Facilities & Emergency Preparedness Levy Program: Participate in Fire Facilities Levy Oversight Committee. Monitor implementation of the Levy program, including station design and construction. Review financial and project updates. Consider legislation related to the levy. Review proposals for property acquisition.

Interdepartmental Public Safety

Chronic Nuisance Properties: Review the second annual report on the use and benefits of the chronic nuisance property ordinance.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: Monitor the Bridge pilot program and ongoing evaluation.

Crime Prevention Programs: Review Auditor's follow-up report on outside expert review of the 2011 crime prevention program inventory. Begin the development of a crime prevention strategy for the city by reviewing the effectiveness of the inventoried services and how they complement the proactive policing efforts called for by the Neighborhood Policing Plan. Continue reviewing and advocating adoption of the best available crime prevention and crime reduction strategies in law enforcement and otherwise.

Domestic Violence Prevention: Participate in the regional Domestic Violence Initiative and the Domestic Violence Prevention Council (DVPC) and actions that result from their quarterly meetings. Review the 2010 biennial report on domestic violence (DV) in Seattle, monitor the implementation of the DVPC-directed 2010-2012 strategic plan on Seattle's Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence, and review HSD's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention annual work plan. Draft legislation and provide policy guidance as appropriate.

Graffiti and Litter: Review policy options to reduce graffiti and litter. Consider amending the Municipal Code to implement the City Auditor's recommendations on graffiti enforcement.

Parking Scofflaws: Per SLI, review Executive reports on the implementation of the new parking scofflaw program.

Police & Mental Health Response Teams: Review the implementation and impact of joint police and mental health professional response teams.

Wage Theft: Monitor enforcement of newly-enacted legislation to reduce the occurrence of wage theft.

Washington Intensive Supervision Program: Request updates on implementation and evaluation of a pilot program to more effectively enforce conditions of probation.

Youth Violence Prevention Initiative: Continue to review quarterly reports on initiative progress called for by resolution, including indicator data and the status of and results from the UCLA evaluation plan. Encourage refinements to the program as supported by data and evaluation findings.


Municipal Code Update: Review proposed legislation updating the Municipal Code for consistency with state law.

Criminal Justice Contracted Services

Indigent Public Defense Contracts: Review proposed legislation to codify public defense contracting framework. Review King County actions in light of Dolan court decision, and consider City actions as appropriate.

Civil Rights

Boards and Commissions: Review 2012 work plans for the Human Rights Commission; Commission for People with Disabilities; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Commission; Women's Commission; and Immigrant and Refugee Advisory Board.

Fair Housing and Employment Equity: Review proposals from the Seattle Office for Civil Rights and the Seattle Human Rights Commission to modify Seattle's fair housing and employment equity regulations.

HSD Immigrant and Refugee Services: Per Statement of Legislative Intent 50-1-A-2, review Human Services Department report related to immigrant and refugee services.

Office for Civil Rights Updates: Receive updates from Office for Civil Rights on issues including enforcement ordinances, Paid Sick Leave, Race and Social Justice Initiative, and others.

Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs: Review and act on proposed legislation to create a new Office relating to immigrant and refugee affairs.

Workforce and Contracting Equity: Per Statement of Legislative Intent 46-1-A-1, review (a) report from Personnel Department and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on workforce equity, and (b) report from Finance and Administrative Services and OCR on contracting equity. Review, evaluate and revise (as necessary) department-specific Equal Employment and Race and Social Justice Initiative analysis and goals regarding employment and contracting, produced by the Personnel Department.


Apps for Seattle and Open Data Initiative: Provide policy guidance to DoIT regarding these programs, as needed. Respond to customer acceptance of Initiative.

Broadband Initiative: Monitor Executive progress on Broadband Initiative (for fiber to the neighborhood or home), including quarterly reports to the committee. Review and take action on proposed budget or other legislation as needed.

Cable Franchises: Review cable franchises, with focus on customer service, and take action as needed. Monitor transfer of cable franchise from Broadstripe to Wave.

Citizens' Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB): Make Council appointments to CTTAB, and consider confirmation of Mayoral appointees to CTTAB; review reports and presentations.

Citywide Review of Information Technology Systems and Protocols: Review results and recommendations of Citywide review of information technology systems and protocols requested by Statement of Legislative Intent 75-1-A-2 to identify efficiency, effectiveness, and security improvements. Provide input to Mayor related to 2012-2013 Proposed Budget. The SLI response will be provided to both the Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee and the Government Performance and Finance Committee.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System: Review the ongoing operations of DoIT's Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system; consider possible future expansion to add functions to CRM system.

DoIT Budget: Track budget implementation and review any supplemental budget requests.

Equal Access to Technology Initiative: Review policy and measurements for City's efforts to ensure all residents have improved access to technology, and examine where technology access may be disproportionately denied.

Great Student Initiative: Coordinate and advance the objectives of the Great Student Initiative to provide high-speed Internet access to low-income families with children in Seattle Public Schools, as described in Resolution 31328.

Improve City Meetings by using Web Video Technology: Work with DoIT and other City departments to develop a plan to improve public access to boards and commission meetings and to support employee teleconferencing by using web video conferencing tools.

Migration to Windows 7 Computer Operating System: Monitor DoIT's work in 2012 on the planned migration to Windows 7.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP): Monitor DoIT's work on the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to improve access via mobile devices to the City's web pages and applications most frequently used by residents and businesses, e.g., to allow residents to report City problems such as potholes, graffiti, streetlight outage, or abandoned vehicles.

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