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Councilmember Sally Clark
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Important Links / Frequently Asked Questions

My office gets thousands of calls per year with questions asking how to navigate the sometimes-complex world of Seattle government. These are some of the more common questions I hear. When in doubt, feel welcome to call my office at 206-684-8802 or the City's Customer Service Bureau at 206-684-CITY (2489).

Abandoned Cars
"The same car has been parked on my block for several days. What can I do about it?"

Fill out this form at the Seattle Police Department's page on Abandoned Vehicles. They'll send someone out to take a look.

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Animal Control
"I have a concern about my neighbor's pets. What should I do?"

The Seattle Animal Shelter is responsible for resolving neighborhood animal nuisance complaints and responding to stray, injured, vicious, dangerous, or deceased animal complaints. If you have a problem, call the Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-386-PETS (7387).

The Seattle Animals Shelter also has a great pet adoption program that you can learn about here.

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Boards and Commissions
"I'd like to be appointed to a Seattle Board or Commission"

For more information about how to apply for a spot on one of Seattle's over-50 Boards and Commissions, click here.

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"I'm going to do some work on my house. When do I need a permit?"

The Department of Planning & Development has a guide to help you determine when, and when you don't, need a permit. It's available here.

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Economic Development
"I'd like to create my own business."

There are many resources available for budding entrepreneurs. The City's Office of Economic Development has comprehensive information and resources for those looking to get a business off the ground. There's also information federally at

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"My garbage and/or recycling wasn't picked up this week. Whom do I contact?"

Solid waste and recycling is managed by Seattle Public Utilities. To report a missed pickup, you can fill out this form or call Seattle Public Utilities customer service at
206-684-3000 and they will work to help correct the problem.

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"How do I report graffiti?"

To report graffiti call the City of Seattle's Hotline at 206-684-7587 or use the online report form.

To report an act of graffiti or vandalism in progress, please call 9-1-1.

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Housing Maintenance
"My neighbor's house and yard are a mess. Who should I call?"

The Department of Planning & Development is responsible for responding to complaints about problems on private property. If you'd like to make a complaint, either fill out this online form or call 206-615-0808 so a city inspector can go out to take a look at the property and gain compliance, if necessary.

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"I'd like to get more involved in my neighborhood. How do I contact my neighborhood council?"

Neighborhood community councils are always looking for new ideas and volunteers, please consider getting involved with yours. Each sector of the city has a Neighborhood District Coordinator who knows the neighborhoods inside-and-out. They'll be able to connect you with any existing organizations in your neighborhood. Click the dropdown menu on this page and select the area where you live to find the name and contact information for your District Council Coordinator

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"How do I contact the Seattle Police Department?"

Seattle Police Department is located downtown at 610 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98124.
If you need a police officer, call 911. For non-emergencies call the Non-Emergency Number: 206-625-5011. Click here for a guide on when to use which phone number.

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"There's a pothole on my street. Who do I call to get it filled?"

The Seattle Department of Transportation's Street Maintenance office strives to fill potholes within 48 hours of being notified. Either call 206-684-ROAD (7623) or fill out this form.

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"I have questions about the public schools. Whom do I call?"

The Seattle Public Schools are under the independent jurisdiction of the Seattle School Board. You can call Seattle Public Schools at 206-252-0000 or visit them online. The website has a variety of resources to help you learn more about the public schools, including information about the School Board, Superintendent, and each school in the City.

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"How do I report a sewer backup?"

If your sewer or floor drain backs up because of an obstruction in the City's main line sewer, call Seattle Public Utilities. Also, call SPU to report odor problems from sewers in your neighborhood. SPU Customer Service - 206-684-3000

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Street Lights
"There's a burned out street light on my block, what can I do about it?"

There are over 84,000 street lights in the City of Seattle, and Seattle City Light appreciates you reporting burned out lights. If you have a light out on your block, please call 206-684-7056 or fill out this online form.

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Traffic Calming
"Speeding keeps increasing on my block. How do we get speed bumps or traffic circles?"

Requests for traffic calming devices are among the most frequent requests by my office. When received, we refer the request to the Seattle Department of Transportation. They study the situation and report if changes to the current engineering are or are not recommended.

Their recommendations are based on well-established standards that measure traffic volume, speed, and accidents, as well as pedestrian volume. In many situations, no changes are recommended. In other situations, the solution may require funding. For more information, check the Traffic Calming Program website and decide whether you'd like to fill out an online application.

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"How do I plan a bus trip on Metro?"

King County Metro operates busses throughout Seattle, and you can plan a bus trip by using their "Regional Trip Planner" on Metro's homepage here. Fare information available here.

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"How do I learn what my property is zoned?"

Click here, enter your address into the search bar, and click the "Detailed Zoning" button to review its underlying zoning.

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