Sally Bagshaw

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am honored to represent District 7 including the neighborhoods of Pioneer Square, Downtown, Belltown, First Hill, Queen Anne, and Magnolia. As your District 7 representative I will partner with you to achieve our full potential and advocate for our distinct neighborhoods’ interests.

I have lived downtown with my husband Brad for nearly 20 years. Every day I appreciate our city’s beauty and am delighted with its growth and accomplishments. With this growth comes challenges we all experience every day.

I commit to addressing these issues with you. Further, I look forward to working with you, my Council colleagues, and the Mayor to promote what I see as Seattle’s values: A City where every one of us can live and thrive in a healthy and safe neighborhood. A City where, regardless of income, gender, religion or race, we are embraced for our strengths and can learn, grow, and succeed together.

As chair of the Human Services and Public Health Committee, some of my priorities are to create an Age Friendly City, addressing the crisis of homelessness, promoting gun responsibility, and ensuring healthy communities for all us.  I pledge to listen to your comments respectfully and with empathy.

As a champion for District 7, I will facilitate direct and open communications between neighbors, neighborhoods, businesses and organizations large and small. My fabulous Legislative Aides, Alberta Bleck, Alyson McLean, Lily Rehrmann, Amy Nguyen, and I welcome your calls and will regularly be in your neighborhoods.

Thank you again for the privilege to serve our great City and represent the mighty District 7.