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About Cultural Districts
Capitol Hill Chamber - SCOD

Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce
Arts & Entertainment Committee
Sub-committee on Cultural Overlay District (SCOD)

The Sub-committee on Cultural Overlay District (SCOD) was a sub-committee of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Arts & Entertainment Committee.

SCOD met several times to review the artistic, cultural, and entertainment needs of the neighborhood and provided a report to CODAC intended to inform its process for establishing the City’s first Cultural Overlay District.

The larger Arts & Entertainment Committee is open to all who serve a principal role in a for-profit or non-profit cultural, arts, or entertainment business. Residents, independent artists, and those with an interest in arts, culture, or entertainment are welcome to join the committee as non-voting members. SCOD membership (listed below) is open to all voting members of the Arts & Entertainment Committee.


  • Specify Neighborhood Needs
  • Identify Product Type Definitions
  • Report (containing goals above) issued for delivery to CODAC.

    SCOD Members, May 28, 2008:

  1. Matthew Kwatinetz (Co-Chair): Capitol Hill Arts Center owner, Chamber of Commerce member.
  2. Chris Leasure (Co-Chair): Richard Hugo House, Chamber of Commerce member.
  3. Greg Carter, Strawberry Theatre Workshop.
  4. Miguel Guillen, Artist Trust staff.
  5. Michael Seiwerath, Northwest Film Forum Director.
  6. Michael Dobbie, Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council member.
  7. Jake Groshang, Balagan Theatre.
  8. Erik Guttridge, Grey Lounge & Gallery.
  9. Cathy Hillenbrand, Seattle Arts Commission member.
  10. Diana Adams, Vermillion Gallery.
  11. Hallie Kuperman, Century Ballroom owner.
  12. Michael Manahan, Decibel Festival and Oracle Gatherings.
  13. Invite: Kara O’Toole, Velocity Dance Studio owner.
  14. Invite: Ann Donovan, Capitol Hill Resident.
  15. Invite: Robert Sondheim, Retailer/Rosebud Restaurant owner.
  16. Invite: Laura Curry, Mithun Architects Designers Planners.
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