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Volume VIII, 2015

Issue 54, October: First Round Budget Proposals

Issue 53, July: Common Sense, Public Health Approaches to Reduce Gun Violence

Issue 52, May: The Power of Books

Issue 51, April: Preparing for Preschool

Issue 50, January: The false promise of the death penalty


Volume VII, 2014

Issue 49, November: Thank you Voters for Choosing the Seattle Preschool Program

Issue 48, June: Council to Vote on Seattle Preschool Program

Issue 47, May: Seattle Preschool Program

Issue 46, February: Preschool Progress

Issue 45, January: A New Year at City Hall


Volume VI, 2013

Issue 44, November: City Council adopts 2014 budget

Issue 43, September: Preschool for All in Seattle

Issue 42, June: Invest Early in Our Children to
Build the Strongest Seattle

Issue 41, April: Providing Workforce Housing

Issue 40, February: Fairness and balancing public and
private interests in South Lake Union

Issue 39, January: Poll: Washington Ready
for Olympia to Act on Gun Safety

Volume V, 2012

Issue 38, December: Better Gun Safety Laws for Washington

Issue 37, November: A City Budget Re-Focused on Today's Needs

Issue 36, October: Voice your budget priorities

Issue 35, September: Council Reaches Arena Agreement

Issue 34, April: 2013-2014 Budget Community Conversations

Volume IV, 2011

Issue 33, November: Budgeting in Critical Times

Issue 32, September: Providing paid sick and safe leave

Issue 31, July: Promoting tourism, creating jobs

Issue 30, April: Targeting wage theft

Issue 29, March: Investing purposefully in our kids

Issue 28, February: Facing the facts on education

Special Edition, January: Sex Trafficking of Local Girls

Issue 27, January: Looking Forward to 2011

Volume III, 2010

Issue 26, December: Scorecards and Education Reform; Families and Education Levy Planning

Issue 25, October: Tough Budget Choices

Issue 24, June: Where are all of our children?

Issue 23, April: Safer Streets, Less Punishment; Rethinking our approach; Listening to the experts; A step away from business as usual

Issue 22, February: Education Reform

Volume II, 2009

Issue 21, December: 2009 in Review: Public Safety; Education; Budget; Safer Neighborhoods; 2010 Goals

Issue 20, November: Budget Primer and All That Matters

Issue 19, September: Budget Edition

Issue 18, August: Drug Market Initiative (DMI) Call-In

Issue 17, June: Town Hall Meeting; Shaping Seattle's Central Waterfront: What's Your Dream?; Ward-Based City Council A Very Bad Idea; Protecting Our Children: Community Conversations About Youth Violence; Economic Growth: Removing Obstacles; City Police A Reflection of Diversity; A City for the Arts

Issue 16, April: Stopping Youth Violence; Budget Adjustments and Priorities; Safer Streets Initiative Update; New City Jail: Perhaps Not; New Police Chief Criteria

Issue 15, January: President Obama and Inauguration Impressions, Alaskan Way, Spokane, Mercer Corridor Solution, December Snow Storms: Failure to Adapt, City Budget: Change Needed, Congressional Meetings,Metro Transit Service: Tough Questions

Volume I, 2008

Issue 14, November: 2008 Highlights and Thoughts; Exchange of Values: Incentive Zoning and Growth; Lift Your Voice: Protect City Trees; Youth Gangs; "Broken Windows"Policing: It Works!

Issue 13, November: 2009 City Budget Adopted; Stopping Youth Violence

Issue 12, November: Budget Priorities; Youth Violence Prevention Initiative; Other Public Safety Considerations; Caring for Those In Need; Big Picture Budget Context; Economic Growth and Quality of Place

Issue 11, October: Stop Youth Violence, Blog Tim

Issue 10, September: Serving the Common Good: Magnuson Park; Serving the Common Good: Fort Lawton; Safer Streets Initiative Advances; City for the Arts and Culture; Lake Union Park and MOHAI; Budget Review Process

Issue 9, August: Safer Streets Initiative

Issue 8, July: Environmental Stewardship: Voluntary Bag Fee and Styrofoam Ban; Civilian Oversight of Police Conduct Strengthened; Child Prostitution in Seattle

Issue 7, July: Emotional Rollercoaster: Cancer, Legislating, Mezzo Soprano, Death in the Street; Plastic Bags and Styrofoam; Pike Place Market Levy on November 4 Ballot

Special Edition, July: Sonics Settlement

Issue 6, June: Housing Justice, Equity, and Diversity; New Police Labor Agreement; City Budget Lobbying: Piling on

Issue 5, June: Budget Woes Ahead: Survey Says; Police Surveillance Cameras; Two-Way Mercer & Strong Leadership; Colacurcio Family Affairs; Upcoming Events

Issue 4, April: Police Contract Settlement Good News for Seattle

Issue 3, April: New Park for Ballard, First Steps for First Hill; Parks Levy Renewal; Homeless Encampments: Consistent and Humane; SEPA Changes Protect Neighborhoods; Police Accountability, New Officer Hiring; Fire, Smoke, Heat: Firefighter Experience

Issue 2, March: Lobbyist Registration Passes 9-0; Stone Way Bike Lane Victory; Police Statistics in Context; Seattle Center for 21st Century

Special Edition, March: Town Hall Meeting, March 5, 2008

Issue 1, February: Singing for Seattle Center; Urban State of Affairs; More Open, More Transparent; Heavy Hearts, Lost Youth

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