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City Purchasing and Contracting Services

Job Order Contracting (JOC)

As allowed under RCW 39.10.420-460, Job Order Contracting (JOC) is an alternative to traditional design-bid-build public works contracting. Using JOC, the City may issue Work Orders to the JOC prime for projects not to exceed $350,000. The City can award up to $4,000,000 each year to each Job Order Contractor.

The City of Seattle has one active JOC:

  • a General JOC with Forma Construction Company (PW# 2013-026A) based on 2014 RS Means Facility and Civil Price Books.

For more information contact Aleanna Kondelis at 206-684-4542.


JOC Subcontracting Opportunities: State Law requires the JOC prime to subcontract 90% of the work of each Work Order, creating significant subcontracting opportunities for subs.

JOC Prime Contact Information: If you are interested in learning more about JOC subcontracting opportunities, contact the JOC primes directly:

  • Forma Construction (formerly Berschauer Phillips)
    (Facilities JOC)

Eric Lindstrom
Phone: 206-919-4187

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