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City Purchasing and Contracting Services


The Department of Finance and Administrative Services, City Purchasing and Contracting Services administers apprenticeship requirements on public works contracts. The City has determined that there is a need for increased training and apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry and that a diverse and well-trained workforce is critical to the economy as well as the social vitality of the region.

As required by the provisions of Chapter 49.04 RCW, Chapter 296.05 WAC, and SMC 20.38.005 the City requires the use of apprentice labor on construction projects estimated to cost $1 million or greater. To meet this requirement, contractors must ensure that up to 15% of the total contract labor hours are worked by apprentices enrolled in an apprenticeship program approved or recognized by the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (SATC).

Contract Requirements

Apprenticeship utilization and reporting requirements are incorporated into the general provisions of the construction contracts and are monitored by CPCS.

The Apprentice Utilization Plan, outlining how the requirements will be met, must be submitted at the pre-construction meeting, with revisions submitted as necessary throughout the life of the project. Quarterly EEO/Apprentice Utilization Forms must be submitted quarterly and at the end of the project. CPCS may provide assistance in directing the contractor to available resources for hiring apprentices. Apprentices who are not currently registered in a state-approved apprenticeship program will not be counted toward satisfying this contract requirement.


Contact Us

For questions or more information regarding apprenticeship, contact the City Purchasing and Contracting Services.

Phone: 206-684-0444

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