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City Purchasing and Contracting Services

Contracting - Consultant

City consultant contracting is decentralized. Each City department manages their own consultant contracts. City Purchasing and Contracting Services provides policies, processes, and guidance. For questions contact Steven Larson at 206-684-4529. Back-up contacts are Pam Tokunaga at 206-233-7114 or Director Nancy Locke at 206-684-8903.

Current Consultant Contracting Announcements

Current Consultant Contracting Bids & Proposals

View and Search Online Business Directory

Register your Company with the Online Business Directory
If interested in doing business with the City, register as your first step to provide basic information about your firm. City departments may use the directory to identify companies for bid opportunities.

Apply to the Consultant Roster
Apply to be on the City Consultant Roster. City departments may use this roster to select firms for contracts estimated to cost $280,000 or less.

Projects under $47,000
Departments may select any consultant for contracts valued at $47,000 or less. Departments do not need to advertise these projects.

Public Advertisements
The City will advertise certain projects above $47,000 instead of selecting firms from the Roster. Ads are published for two days in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (DJC) and on the City website. The City will require a statement of qualifications or proposal.

Consultant Performance Evaluation
Departments evaluate consultants on their performance.

Woman and Minority Owned Business (WMBE)
The City is committed to providing maximum opportunity to WMBE firms on City projects. If you self-identify as at least 51% woman or minority owned, please specify that when you register. City policies and procedures seek and expect WMBE participation as principals or as subcontractors. For more information, contact Forrest Gillette, Senior Strategic Advisor, at 206-684-3081.

Who to Contact
The City has numerous departments and offices with each one having the independent authority to contract out for consultant services. You may also contact the City's Consultant Contracting Program Administrator who understands the policy rules of consultant work for the City. For more information, contact Steven Larson at 206-684-4529.

Contact Us
With general questions, please call 206-684-0444.


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