What is Get Online Seattle?

Get Online Seattle LogoGet Online Seattle is an educational campaign of the City of Seattle Department of Information Technology Community Technology Program and the Community Technology Advisory Board, to expose Seattle residents, particularly those who are technology underserved, to information available on the Internet.

While we continue to offer information and resources on computer ownership and access to high speed broadband, we feel that those newer to crossing the "digital bridge" may not be aware of how to access relevant content and services online. The purpose of Get Online Seattle is to encourage residents in Seattle to learn about where to access the Internet and what is available online.

A new campaign topic will be launched twice yearly, with our current campaign being "Learning & the Web."  Here you will find resources for successfully pursuing eLearning opportunities.  Our first campaign focused on "Health and the Web," where we suggest online sites that offer services and information pertaining to the campaign topic.  Our second campaign focused on "Jobs and the Internet," where you can gain insights on how to use online resources in finding a job, managing your jobs search efforts and manage your digital footprint.   In addition to links to suggested websites, we offer tips about navigating the Internet and how to stay safe while online.

Contact Vicky Yuki at vicky.yuki@seattle.gov or by phone at 206-233-7877, if you are interested in partnering or would like printed materials for your lab.