About This Project

Technology Access and Adoption in Seattle

Is Seattle a Technology Healthy City?

Since 2000, the City's Community Technology Program has been collecting extensive and statistically valid data on residential use of cable tv, broadband adoption and uses (including health, work, education, finance and civic engagement), barriers to broadband adoption, use of online city services, and customer service needs. We also conduct focus groups to help understand the needs of communities who are often under-represented in surveys or may be technology underserved. Major research has been conducted roughly every four years since 2000, with some additional research in between.  The results have helped guide city and community work on digital equity, online services, cable franchising, education and civic engagement. 

The questions asked in our research are regularly updated, but are based on a set of Information Technology Indicators, developed from goals for a technology healthy city.  These goals and measures were created with the valuable input of a wide range of community, education and business stakeholders, led by members of our  Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB). We believe this project provides the most comprehensive research of an urban community's use of information technology available.

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