E-Gov (Apps, Open Data)

E-Gov Committee

The Electronic Government (E-Gov) Committee advises the City and supports creative development of new datasets, applications, and tools which improve the city's capacity to provide information.  This may also including hacking events and other activities using city data and increasing government transparency.
Meets:  4th Tuesday of the month, in the evening.  Contact the Chair or join the email list for specifics and to get agenda & updates.
Chair: Joneil Sampana
Staff: Bruce Blood
Key Action Items and Explorations for 2015:  Open Data: enhancements, growing datasets, standardization; Customer interactions with government (issue reporting, ticketing, and tracking); crowdsourcing open data (ex: open broadband performance survey)

eGov Posts on the CTAB Blog

CTAB E-Government Committee Meeting January 26, 2016 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 320 Westlake Ave. Seattle   Attendee(s) Joneil Sampana, CTAB – E-Gov Committee Co-Chair Heather Lewis, CTAB – E-Gov Committee Co-Chair Greta H. – E-Gov Committee Secretary Shelly Farnham, Third Place Technology Sara Abramowitz – Ross Strategic Sinae Cheh – Morning Star Korean Cultural […]
CTAB E-Government Committee Meeting September 29, 2015 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 320 Westlake Ave. Seattle Attendee(s) – Joneil Sampana, CTAB – E-Gov Committee Chair – Shelly Farnham, Third Place Technology – Usman Anwer, Microsoft Windows Group – Heather Lewis, Comotion; U of W – Old Business: 1) New Civic Tools – a) Seattle Municipal […]
The E-Gov committee is excited about our 2015 Workplan: Identify digital tools to encourage citizen engagement; Recommend solutions to improve intra-department efficiencies for improved civic engagement; Promote collaborative partnerships across the tech and education sector for citizen and youth engagement. Come join our committee meeting every 4th Tuesday @ 6:00 pm. Location: 320 Westlake, Seattle. […]
From Rob Dolin, Chair of E-gov committee: Per discussion at tonight’s CTTAB meeting, attached is the PPT that I briefly presented representing a DRAFT Work Plan for the eGov Committee. Next steps: This week: Any feedback you have (especially around prioritization) would be welcomed via email This week: I would sincerely appreciate if someone from […]
Here is the initial 2013 workplan for the E-Gov (Electronic government) Committee, as last presented to the Board in May. Powerpoint: