Public Engagement

To help improve effective use of online tools for City public engagement and to improve CTTAB communications with the public.  Advise the Puget SoundOff youth civic engagement project.
Leads: Phillip Duggan, Vice-Chair: Nourisha Wells
Staff: Sabra Schneider

Key Action Items for 2014:  1) Hold 2 public education/engagement forums, the first on the Tech Access & Adoption Report; 2) Pilot use of Lync for remote participation in CTTAB meetings.

There was a request at the May CTTAB meeting to solicit additional feedback and public comment about the future options of livestreaming CTTAB meetings. Please click here to read notes from the public engagement committee meeting about this topic. [...]
Notes from CTTAB Public Engagement Meeting March 27, 6-7:30 pm 24th floor conference room at Seattle Municipal Tower  Present: Phillip Duggan, Dana Lewis, Prameet Kumar, Sabra Schneider (Staff) Phillip was selected as Chair of the Public Engagement [...]
Here is the initial 2013 workplan for the Public Engagement, Outreach, Mentorships and Partnerships (PEOMPS) Committee, as last presented to the Board in May. Powerpoint: