The Community Police Commission (CPC) workgroups discuss issues, develop positions, and prepare draft reports and recommendations for review and adoption by the full CPC. Workgroups are convened and suspended depending on current CPC activities.

Active CPC Workgroups:

  • Strategy

The Strategy Committee is comprised of the co-chairs and the chairs of the other workgroups metioned below. Among other things, it meets before every CPC meeting to set the agenda. 

Members: Emma Catague (co-chair), Isaac Ruiz (co-chair), Rev. Harriett Walden (co-chair), Helen Gebreamlak, Joseph Seia

  • Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Workgroup plays a critical role in creating and maintaining ties with community. It works to strategize the CPC's community engagement efforts. 

Members: Joesph Seia (Chair), Isaac Ruiz (Chair), Emma Catague, Colleen Echohawk, Rev. Aaron Williams, Karisa Morikawa, Erin Goodman

  • Police Practices

The Police Practices Workgroup focuses on SPD policy and practices related to police interactions with the public. 

Members: Ben Goldsmith, Brandy Grant, Officer Mark Mullen, Alina Santillan, Natasha Moore

  • Behavioral Health Workgroup

The Behavioral Health Workgroup looks at SPD policy and practices related to behavioral health issues.

Members: Helen Gebreamlak (chairs), Claudia D'Allegri, Rev. Harriett Walden, Asha Mohamed, Esther Lucero, Melinda Giovengo

  • Officer Wellness Workgroup (Ad Hoc)

The Officer Wellness Workgroup is a temporary group created by the CPC in 2019 to look at ways the city and SPD can improve wellness within its ranks. This work focuses on approaches that are good for police officers and good for the community. 

Members: Alina Santillan (chair), Brandy Grant, Officer Mark Mullens, Natasha Moore, Ben Goldsmith

  • Governance Committee (Ad Hoc)

The Governance Committee looks internally at CPC policy and practices in an effort to update and improve the commission's ability to meet community expectations. 

Members: Erin Goodman, Helen Gebreamlak, Emma Catague, Esther Lucero, Natasha Moore