Current Issues

Banning crowd control weapons used against protesters

The CPC has recommended SPD no longer be able to use indiscriminate weapons like tear gas and explosive blast balls against protesters. 

Fighting for police contracts that promote accountability

Police contracts have undermined police accountability for decades in Seattle and around the country. The CPC is fighting in City Hall and Federal Court to try and change that.

Improving investigations of police use of deadly force

Community needs to have confidence that investigations of police killings are fair and effective. A community task force convened by the CPC laid out a road map on how to do that. 

Protecting the First Amendment rights of journalists

Seattle should be promoting the rights of journalists, not undermining them. The CPC is advocating for City Attorney Pete Holmes to do just that and drop a subpoena of journalists' unpublished records.

Holding police accountable through the Consent Decree

The CPC was established under the Consent Decree to be the community's voice in the police reform process. Now, as much as ever, we are committed to ensuring Seattle follows through on promised reforms.