Background Documents

Accountability Legislation

Accountability Legislation

(2017) A landmark law unanimously adopted by the City with support from the CPC after deep conversations with community. Among other things, it included police disciplinary reforms, created the Office of the Inspector General, made the CPC permanent, and expanded the powers and scope of civilian-led accountability agencies. 

Companion Resolution to the Accountability Legislation

(2017) This Council resolution, among other things, included some proposed areas of work for Seattle's civilian accountability agencies. 

Community Police Commission

CPC Agendas and Minutes 

(2013-Present) This consistently updated page has records regarding CPC meetings stretching back to the CPC's founding.

CPC Bylaws 

(Revised 2020) The current, self-imposed policies and practices for the CPC. They reflect and build further upon the rules laid out for the CPC in the Accountability Legislation.

Ordinance Establishing the CPC

(2012) The city law establishing the CPC in accordance with the Consent Decree.

Executive Order to Establish the CPC

(2012) Mayor Mike McGinns executive order first establishing the CPC in accordance with the Consent Decree. 

Consent Decree

U.S. Department of Justice Investigation

(2012) Called for by dozens of community groups following incidents like the killing of John T. Williams, this investigation found a pattern of unconstitutional practices within the Seattle Police Department. 

Settlement Agreement

(2012) One of the two documents referred to collectively as the Consent Decree, this agreement committed Seattle to a series of police reforms that would be overseen by the federal government. 

Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Department of Justice

(2012) The second of the two documents referred to collectively as the Consent Decree, this MOU outlined the terms and details of how the Consent Decree would work. 

Sustainment Plan

(2018) The federal judge overseeing the Consent Decree found Seattle in "full and effective compliance" with the Consent Decree. This document outlined a process in which Seattle would have to stay in compliance for two years with continued federal supervision. 

Seattle Police Contracts

Seattle Police Management Association Contract

(2017) The current contract with the Seattle Police Management Association, which represents Seattle Police captains and lieutenants.

Seattle Police Officers Guild Contract

(2018) The current contract with the Seattle Police Officers' Guild, which represents rank-and-file officers.

Court filings regarding Seattle's police contracts and accountability

(2018-2020) The latest court filings since the contracts were passed, including the CPC issuing concerns with how the contracts undermine police accountability and the federal court agreeing, ruling Seattle out of compliance with the Consent Decree in the area of accountability. 

CPC recommendations for bargaining on police contracts

(2019) Our brief recommendations regarding the next round of police contract bargaining made to the the Mayor and City Council.

Council resolution committing to contract changes

(2020) The City Council resolution recognizing the many voices from community, including the CPC, who are calling for the city to ensure the full Accountability Legislation is implemented.