The Seattle Community Police Commission (CPC) is unique.

The CPC was originally established under a Consent Decree between the City of Seattle and the U.S. Department of Justice to reform the Seattle Police Department. Under the Consent Decree, the CPC was charged with representing community interests and perspectives in recommending improvements related to the Consent Decree reform goals.

In 2017, the City adopted legislation that made the CPC permanent and increased the number of Commissioners who may be appointed. While it continues to be responsible for a set of duties under the Consent Decree, the CPC now has significantly broadened responsibilities and authority. The CPC will also soon have more staff to support its activities.

According to Sam Walker, an authority of police accountability, Seattle is now charting new territory in police oversight, and no comparable model yet exists.

We envision our communities and Seattle's police aligned in shared goals of safety, respect, and accountability.

The Community Police Commission listens to, amplifies, and builds common ground among communities affected by policing in Seattle. We champion policing practices centered in justice and equity.