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A view of Elliot Bay, Magnolia Bridge, and the Olympics.

Elliott Bay, Magnolia Bridge, and the Olympics

Photo by Seattle Daily Photo

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Seattle Communities Online

Seattle Communities Online

Tools at a Glance

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Tools Use this tool if Limitations Important features Cost


you want to upload content frequently and have new posts always at the top of your website.  

limited number of templates available.

WYSIWYG editor, video-tutorials, mobile and email posting.



see above.

dashboard is complicated-looking, number of features could be overwhelming.

WYSIWYG editor, integrated calendar and polling tools. 




you want a collaborative space for all community members to participate in.

lots of ads, group participation required to be successful.

“droplets,” easy ways for members to post information and events, easy to navigate.



see above.

number of features could be overwhelming to new user. “More than just a wiki.”

easily integrated blogging tool, easy to embed google gadgets, youtube videos, and flickr photos.



you want the above, with social networking capabilities.

used mostly for like-minded groups: cat-lovers; tri-athletes, moms.

unique member profiles, visually appealing, photos and videos, chat.




you need an easy tool to update a calendar and post images and text.

very basic layout, only works well with other google products, gadgets.

integrates with google calendar, easy to edit. 


Social Networking


you want an easy place to post information and the people you want to reach have FB accounts.

Facebook pages have standard layout, you can only reach people with Facebook accounts

allows you to easily send information to Facebook members who are part of your “group,” no web skills necessary, tweeting.



you want to post short, frequent updates (“tweets”) to your “followers.”

requires “followers” to be useful, should not be primary web tool

easy way to send community updates, without requiring a lot of time or mass emails, you can tweet it.


Integrated Online Tool

Wild Apricot

you need to integrate your contact database with your web presence. might want sign-in functionality for your members.

unnecessary features for a small organization, expensive to upgrade.

you can update your website, send mass emails, and track your membership, and have event registration.

Free - $250, depending upon ad-support and number of contacts.