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The Seattle Office for Civil Rights

Ed Murray, Mayor
Patricia Lally, Acting Director

810 Third Avenue, Suite 750, Seattle WA 98104-1627
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Illegal discrimination is when:

  • You are treated differently from others in a similar situation; and

  • You are harmed by the treatment; and

  • You are treated this way because of your membership in a protected class (i.e., race, gender, etc.)

  • Your request for a reasonable accommodation due to a disability is refused without a valid business reason.

Seattle currently includes these protected classes:

Age **
Gender identity
Marital status
National Origin
Parental status *
Political ideology
Sexual orientation
Use of a Section 8 certificate *
Use of a service animal

*Not applicable to Employment or Fair Contracting cases
**Not applicable to Public Accommodations cases


It is against the law for someone to penalize or discriminate against you because:

  • You file a discrimination complaint

  • You cooperate with a discrimination complaint

  • You cooperate with the enforcement of a discrimination complaint

  • You comply with anti-discrimination laws

You can file a separate charge of discrimination if you believe someone has retaliated against you. SOCR will conduct a separate investigation concerning retaliation.


Seattle's anti-discrimination laws also protect you from harassment. Harassment is conduct that is directed at you because of your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, etc.

Harassment can include:

  • Threats

  • Slurs or epithets

  • Threatening acts

  • Posting offensive materials on walls, bulletin boards, e-mail, etc.

To be considered harassment, conduct must:

  • Be serious and frequent enough to create a hostile environment;

  • Interfere with your ability to work, live, or enjoy a public place.

If you have questions, comments or requests about our services please contact our office at (206) 684-4500 voice, (206) 684-4503 TTY or send email to Elliott Bronstein.

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