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Seattle Office for Civil Rights Rules
Chapter 70



SHRR 70-420           Notice and posting requirements

  1. In general. Employers shall give notice in physical and/or electronic form of an employee's entitlement to paid sick/safe time; the amount of paid sick/safe time and the terms of its use guaranteed under the Ordinance; the prohibition of retaliation against employees who request or use paid sick/safe time; and each employee's right to file a complaint if paid sick time/safe time as required by the Ordinance is denied by the employer or if the employee is retaliated against for requesting or taking paid sick time or paid safe time. See SMC 14.16.050.
  2. Tier size and employer location. Except as provided in section three of this rule, employers shall provide notice to all employees who perform work in Seattle regardless of employer tier size or employer location.
  3. Occasional basis. Employers with employees who perform work in Seattle on an occasional basis are not required to provide notice to all employees, provided that notice is provided to occasional basis employees reasonably in advance of their first period of work in Seattle.
  4. Conspicuous and accessible. Employers may choose whether notice is physical and/or electronic, but in either case, the notice shall be reasonably conspicuous and accessible to employees.
  5. Penalties. An employer who willfully violates the notice requirements of this section shall be subject to a civil fine in an amount not to exceed $125 for the first violation and $250 for subsequent violations.

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