The Seattle City Light Review Panel was created March 22, 2010 through City Council Ordinance Number 123256. The Review Panel is the successor to the City Light Advisory Board/Committee (2003 - 2010) and the Rate Advisory Committee (2009), and combines the duties of both groups. An updated City Council Ordinance Number 124740 was passed April 6, 2015.

The nine panel members come from City Light’s customer groups. Five members are nominated by the mayor and four members are nominated by the city council, serving staggered three-year terms. In 2010, the focus of the panel will be helping to develop a six year strategic plan for City Light.

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Members include:

Chris Mefford . . . (Economist)

Vacant . . . (Financial Analyst)

Sara Patton (Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Advocate)

Thomas Buchanan (Residential Representative)

Mikel Hansen (Commercial Customer Representative)

Patrick Jablonski (Industrial Customer Representative)

Leon Garnett (Low-Income Customer Representative)

John Putz (At-large Customer Representative)

Gail Labanara (Suburban Franchise Representative)

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