Rules, Decisions & Additional Resources

By law, by policy, or by custom, many different types of documents and records are filed with the City Clerk’s Office for safekeeping and for public access. Some are kept permanently by our office (legislation, rules, etc.), while others are routinely discarded in accordance with the City’s records retention schedules (created under the Public Records Act).

Clerk Files and Comptroller Files

Some of these filings (Director’s Rules, annual and other types of reports, applications for street vacations, technical codes and others) are added to our Clerk Files series. Some required filings used to be added to the Comptroller Files series, but are now tracked separately because of the number of documents we receive.

Consultant Contract Index

Index to consultant contracts filed with the City Clerk as required by SMC 20.50.070.

Seattle Ethics and Election Rules

Current administrative rules of the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission governing Seattle’s Ethics, Elections, Voter’s Pamphlet, Lobbying, and Whistleblower codes.

Seattle Hearing Examiner Decisions - 1990 to present

Full text of select decisions of the Seattle Hearing Examiner are available online. Decisions are posted as they are received from the Hearing Examiner’s Office.

Business Tax Rules

Full text of current administrative rules implementing the Seattle business and occupation tax, SMC 5.45. These rules are created and administered by the Department of Finance and Administrative Services

Taxicab and For-Hire Vehicles Rules

Full text of current administrative rules implementing the Seattle taxicab and for-hire vehicle regulations.

City of Seattle Public Corporation Reference

SMC Chapter 3.110 requires that public corporations file certain documents and reports with the Seattle City Clerk’s Office. The following offers short-cuts to lists of such documents filed with the City Clerk, most recently filed document listed first.

Annexed Cities Reference (1890 to 1910)