Legislative Documents & Resources

Introduction and Referral
At each week's Full Council meeting, the City Council adopts the Introduction and Referral Calendar, which lists proposed Council Bills (C.B.), Resolutions (Res.), and Clerk Files (C.F.) to be introduced and referred to a committee.

A new way to view agendas and proposed legislation

City Council Agendas - 2002-present
Agendas of full City Council Meeting and Council Committees are searchable in full text.

City Council Minutes - 2002-present
Minutes of the full City Council meetings are searchable in full text. Minutes of Council Committee meetings are not included.

Budget Documents
City Council Budget Committee records are added to this database as they become available throughout the budget process.

City Council Committee History
This database contains descriptions, membership information, and dates of existence for Seattle City Council committees from 1946 to the present.

Seattle City Council General Rules and Procedures, as amended through Resolution No. 31561. Rules governing Council procedures for quasi-judicial proceedings, as amended through Resolution No. 31375.

Citizen Initiative and Referenda Guides