Public Safety Reports

Over the past 7 years, our office has published 13 reports in the area of public safety. These reports are a mix of traditional audits and non-audit projects. 

Links to reports from 2012 and years earlier will take you to the Archive web site.

Seattle Police Department’s (SPD’s) Handling of Bias/Hate Crime Conscientious, But Could Be More Rigorous - August 4, 2008

Cal Anderson Park Surveillance Camera Pilot Program Evaluation - October 26, 2009

Efficiencies Audit: Parking and Traffic Ticket Processing - December 15, 2009

Follow-up Report on 2008 Audit: Seattle’s Enforcement of Bias Crimes - June 9, 2010

City of Seattle Anti-Graffiti Efforts: Best Practices and Recommendations - July 28, 2010

Addressing Crime and Disorder in Seattle’s “Hot Spots”: What Works? - March 29, 2011

How Can Seattle Crime Analysis Rise to the Next Level? - January 10, 2012

Seattle Police Department’s In-Car Video Program - June 20, 2012

Evidence-Based Assessment of the City of Seattle’s Crime Prevention Programs - September 6, 2012

Logic Model and Evaluation Strategy for the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI) - January 31, 2013

Update on our Review of the SYVPI Logic Model - March 22, 2013

Evaluation of Career Bridge, Preliminary Report - August 1, 2013

Evaluation of Career Bridge: Evaluation Plan - September 30, 2013

City of Seattle RFP Process for Vehicle Impound Management Services - May 20, 2014

In addition to our published reports, we are currently:

  • Working on an audit of SPD’s Public Disclosure Process;
  • Continuing program evaluation work for Career Bridge and SYVPI, and
  • Acting as the project manager/liaison for three federal grants related to improving law enforcement in the City.